Inline color control

Using the latest inline color control, with the color bar in the rear end of the sheet, will save you thousands and thousands of EURO every year.

Although 201 year old, Koenig & Bauer continues to be the most innovative manufacturer in the printing industry. A new feature in our inline color control QualiTronic 2, enables you to place the color bar in the rear end of the sheet/(board. On a RA145 with a production of 30 mil sheets per year, at an average cost of 0,4 Euro per sheet, the yearly savings are 87.500€.

To learn more about how Koenig & Bauer can assist please contact us at +45 44523266 and ask for Morten, Peter or Carsten.


Morten Rasmussen
CEO Koenig & Bauer DK and Chairman of the board of Koenig & Bauer Press Consum

Lejrvej 17
3460 Værløse

T: +45 44 52 32 66

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