• And we're live!

    Rappe Ida (Rapida) welcomes you to our new website. This fantastic painting is made by artist Kristine Frøkjær for Vestjysk Rotation.

    Check out some of her other works
  • Having happy customers has a high priority at KBA Nordic

    Here you see the proud owner of Scanmould with his latest investment a new Rapida RDC106.

    Read the interview by World Press Online!
  • The KBA Nordic Group team

    Get to know our employees

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  • Narayana

    One of the latest installations we have done is at the amazing print shop of Narayana Press. Press the play button to watch a press being installed in 2 minutes!

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  • Ågrenshuset

    At Ågrenshuset in Bästa, Sweden, they are very excited about their new Koenig & Bauer Rapida press.

Koenig & Bauer GroupKBA Nordic A/S

KBA Nordic is a fully owned Koenig & Bauer company with its HQ is Værløse and with sales offices in Gothenburg and Liddekjöping in Sweden. KBA Press Consum is a daughter company of KBA Nordic with its HQ is Hasselager and with sales offices in Norway and Sweden.

KBA Nordic is responsible for sales, service and repairs of all Koenig & Bauer machinery in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Greenland. We have a dedicated service team with technicians who master all functions on our presses and we are capable of installing all machines by our own team. KBA Press Consum is a fairly new company which has shown a very fast growth path mainly fuelled by a unique service profile. KBA Press Consum is big enough to challenge every one of the traditional suppliers in the market but smart enough to keep agile and humble.



Nordic Headquarters

Lejrvej 17
DK – 3500 Værløse

T +45 4452 3260
F +45 4452 3266

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